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FRIGOVENT air curtains

developed for cold rooms and freezer rooms. Take advantage of the results

Hygienic correct
Fulfils all hygienic requirements of the food industry.

Ice free freezing room
No hoarfrost at refridgerated goods, no ice accumulation at the ceiling, floor and evaporator.

Mosquito stop
Doors with air curtains detain mosquitoes and flying insects to enter.

No risk of damage
Air curtains cannot be damaged. They are installed above the door, so that they are out of the working area of forklifts.

A longer lifetime of the cooling machines
The cooling machines have a longer life, because they no longer need to run unneccesarily to cool the warm air penetrated through open cold store doors.

Engergy saving
Significant reduction of electricity costs by stopping the waste of expensive cold air.

Protecting the goods
There is no incorrect increase of the temperature in the freezing room and your goods are reliably protected.

A comfortable transport of goods ensures a smooth operating procedure goods can be transported comfortably through the free door opening

The investment pays off quickly
Return of investment within one or two years.

Air curtain above sectional door
Air curtain cold store door
Air curtain for cold store door


Would you like to seal up your factory door comfortably?

... Thermovent air curtains are specially designed for factory doors.
Reduce heating costs by avoiding hot air losses and prevent the entry of cold air.
The remaining free door opening ensures an unhindered transportation of goods.
THERMOVENT air curtains
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